lalak day and night

don't make me lose my trust in you, don't make me hate you. just don't.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


barbie make BOYS wish they were GIRLS since 1959.


Sunday, October 3, 2010


i'm a lover and a fighter.
i get angry easily and i'm working on it.

i party, sleep and think too much, but i get my shit done.
i have weakness for sweet talkers, but i'm learning enforcing my boundaries.
i don't let many people in but once they're in, they're there forever.
i'm strong and independent and i've been broken but never shattered.



menu design

my 1st menu design. by myself. woot woot!

lect 1 ; kenapa design menu comel-comel?
lalak ; sbb tuan nya comel. ekekekeke!

lect 2 : lalak ni memang, design semua comel-comel dan x matang lagi. semua mcm budak-budak punya. bila nak matang ntah nye dia ni..
lalak ; wuuuu saya x matang ke. sobsob.