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Sunday, November 22, 2009

lies and all that relates

life is all about learning. schools and universities are the places where we spend most of our time learning. but we
don’t learn everything in schools and universities because when it comes to non theoretical matters in life, we learn from surroundings and observations. we also learn through experience and experiencing where no one teaches anyone anything.

For instance, lies.

In school or uni, there are no such subjects like ;

- The Art and Strategies in Lying

- The Approaches in Creative Lying

- Lying Planning & Management

- Cultural Differences in Lying

ok enough and let's get back to the point. all we have been taught from childhood was that lying is not good. we always know that being honest is a must in a relationship, cause that’s how you gain respect and all that jazz from others.

but we are aware that we can’t escape from telling lies, aren't we? **wink wink. hehe

what are the biggest lies you tell? it doesn’t matter because there is a need to lie under some circumstances. it is when ur intention is to maintain good, stable, harmony relationship with others where the truths shall not be let out if it's going to spoil the relationship.

but do u know that it will happen sooo otherwise when ure discovered for not telling the truth to conceal up something? When ure stupid enough in ur attempt to tell lies. and when this happens, it does not only spoil ur fun and ur day, but also to that particular relationship by creating suspicion forever ! your relationship could be destroyed in the blink of an eye, just because you’re stupid enough to lie and people are smart enough not to believe!

so i’m here to teach u how to lie. if u wanna lie, do it properly, lie like a professional and don’t get caught for not telling the truth. it hurts when the truth are found out. it hurts even more when it is obvious that someone is lying to you.

i know most of us don’t think critically when it involves lying but please be realistic. your dumb lies will reflect your true dumbness.

relationships are formed with trust, destroyed by lies. oh actually, by lies that are found out to be lies.

thank you.



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