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Monday, November 23, 2009

justin who?

well folks there's another justin!
its not justin timberlake brother from another mother
yeah his cute..super cute!
he's a singer. my sister told me
at first i dont want to hear any of his songs...
b'coz his song not on the billboard chart yet, heee~
but then my annoying sister always ask to download his songs
after download i dgr je la kan
sbb nak tau ape yg special nye psl bdk kecik ni sampai my sister tergila-gilakan..
sampai berebut dgn kwn-kwn die. haha
then ok la after dgr...ehm...
if i was 11 years old i akan ckp i love him to death!! *serious
tapi im 19 doe. nak 20 dah kot~
his songs was...okayy~ suara mcm bdk 4 tahun and mcm girls
haha x caye cuba dgr...tau la korg mcm mana.
lain org lain taste.. hehe.

**tapi my babyboo lagi comel. kan kan? ;)



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