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Sunday, December 5, 2010

wujudmu di sini di tanah anak merdeka

wujudmu di sini
di tanah anak merdeka
bagai obor ilmu
memayungi putra putrinya
pelopor hidup, budaya, bangsa, agama...negara
pembentuk akhlak manusia agar jadi sempurna

ku yang melangkah ke sini ingin mempelajari
rahsia di muka bumi dengan cara hakiki
tunjukkan aku jalan ilmumu untukku menuju
destinasi cita-cita negara dan bangsaku

majulah bangsa
maju negara
berkat usaha jaya mara
kami berikrar akan berjasa
hingga kita berjaya...demi bangsa

watikah yang kumiliki kan ku semat dihati
janjiku pada pertiwi untuk menabur bakti
ku sempurnakan seikhlas hati membela negara
doa restu ayah bonda ku untuk semua
UiTM...usaha taqwa mulia


this song used to be one of my fav songs. it never failed to bring tears to my eyes. i can imagine especially when it was sang during my graduation day. wuh, cant wait!

for 2 years i've been there, the UiTM's main campus was my haven. this was the place where i gained my knowledge and also a place where i learned about everything..friendship, love and life. my cipok were my siblings and my lecturers were my parents. the school of art & design was witnessed to my tears and my laughter. the school saw me blossomed from a mere teenager to a woman.

the foyer at the fac was where couples met, a place for study groups to discuss and a place where we checked each other out. the foyer was where the fav for students hang out after class while waiting for the other class finish their class. then the "mating game" begun.

i always heard everyone says that art & design students just like they were in a world of their own. they were creative and eccentric people and definite trend-setters. hahaha...but then again, its true, art & design students were known back then were the epitome of glamour and sophistication in dressing and behaviour.

why did i go down memory lane all of a sudden? maybe its because my seniors and friends just had their convo. and i have 1 more year to finish my school. i will continue my degree, its just i dont know if its still the same course or different course.

the UiTM's convo was special not just to the graduates but also to their families. plus, huge tents, chairs and wide screen were provided outside the hall for the rest of the families. in this case, i am really proud of the way UiTM treated the students' families. who could forget walking behind the chancellors and all the academicians into the huge hall watched proudly by our parents. who could forget the sound of the gamelan played live by the music students. the loud clapping, the screams and the catcalls were saved for the students, a bunch of lunatics, us all.





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