lalak day and night

don't make me lose my trust in you, don't make me hate you. just don't.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


when i'm with you
i don't wanna leave
i don't want the day to end
cause i love you

i try to make the best
out of the little time we get together
and i don't wanna miss you
i don't want to be away from you

when your not around
it's like life is pointless
i can't live without you
cause when you with me
i'm the happiest
cause the moment i spend with you is a moment of happiness


waaaahhh!! gitu laaaaa.
haha aku baru lepas tulis poem
so itu lah poem nya
aku bayangkan aku da berBOYFRIEND la konon-kononnye
ntah bile aku boley ckp kat si die?
memandangkan aku xde bf....
korg amek la poem ni ckp kat bf korg. haha

tuhan, kirimkan lah kekasih hati buat ku ;)



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