lalak day and night

don't make me lose my trust in you, don't make me hate you. just don't.

Friday, April 17, 2009

bila nak berakhir

i found a reason why they said the world is unjust
it's because of u know this for sure.. HUMANS
they're the biggest problems earth faced
these problems ;
-back stabber
-two faces
-wanna be
they just sounds too ridiculous these days
seemes like i cant do nything else
yeah, me alone
what can i do neways?
actually, im tired of being nice
but as my father told me "the nice person they can be bad no matter how bad they wanted to be bad but they just cant. because they're nice"
typical. im so tired. tired of believing that things could be better
that things would change back the way they were before
bullshit! how childish that thought was?
i have a major problem.
im SICK of being too nice! oh yeah. damn it.
these shit bothered me too bad till i barely breathe

another reason im NOT HAPPY is..............
i missed to have a BF. hahahahaha.
i need to feel ur presence
i need u here
i need to be in your arms
i need to feel your lips on mine
oh dear bf where are u?
hahahahahahaha <--bodoh ini. lalak x desprte..cuma i do want one. ;p
gosh, bila la my MR.RIGHT nak dtg ni
almighty GOD, im praying and i'll do anything in return.
kikiki ;p



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